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The Virtual Revolution is Here

Imagine being more productive while having more control over both your time and your quality of life. This is what a “virtual” work and lifestyle can provide you.

Learn about our vision, mission and history, and how our leadership and business model serve entrepreneurs in this short video, The Greatest Economy Story of Our Time.

A Virtual Lifestyle Allows You to 
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We Offer Everything You Need to Succeed

If you like the idea of starting a business in the financial industry, but worry about the high cost and high risk that could come with it, you will love the possibilities that Virtual Financial offers.

Solid Technology

Leverage a modern back-office with technology that helps you become an efficient and effective business owner.

Smart Marketing

Reach contacts, prospects, followers and your team with a digital marketing suite that brings your business to life.

Proven System

Put our simple system to use so you can focus on growing your business instead of creating your own model.

Back-Office Support

Rely on our home office experts who manage commissions, licensing and more, so you don’t have to.

Helpful Training

Grow constantly with mentorship and guidance from Virtual Financial entrepreneurs who are dedicated to your success.


Receive meaningful acknowledgement of your accomplishments with memorable rewards that mark your successes.

Growth Potential

Enjoy compensation and advancement opportunities that are unlike anything else in the financial services industry.*

Life-Changing Events

Experience events and trips that
will push you to work harder, past big milestones toward your dreams.*

*To qualify for participation in contest, and to receive prizes and awards, an individual must have an active membership and be in good standing with World Financial Group Insurance Agency, Inc., and their affiliated companies.

Choosing a Career in Financial Services

Experience a rewarding career at Virtual Financial where you help people become financially independent, while building your own personal financial wealth with career growth and professional development.

You owe it to yourself and your family to watch this video. We promise if you think you have heard it all before, you have never heard it explained as clear and concise as in this powerful, yet brief presentation.

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Virtual Financial's Unique Tier Success System

People who are new to the financial services industry can sometimes feel intimidated by the training and processes that need to be mastered. To help acclimate anyone coming on board to hit the ground running, we’ve established a unique tier system that allows agents to focus on what they are most passionate about, whether that be online marketing, needs analysis and sales, or recruiting. It’s a system that allows for financial success for both the new agent and the seasoned pro alike.

Your Choice of Three Powerful Roles



  • Invite guests and prospects to our recorded webinars
  • Drive traffic to your replicated landing pages
  • Send proven email templates to prospects


  • Get new reps to commit to a fast start program
  • Schedule appointments with a Financial Professional to discuss a personal Financial Needs Analysis


  • Meet with clients online to set up a suitable monthly plan
  • Follow through the entire underwriting process, stay in communication with client, keep Inviters and Managers informed

*Virtual Financial is a financial services marketing company. The titles Inviter Role, Manager Role, and Financial Professional are VF descriptions of various activity levels within the sales process. Agents of WFG are independent contractors regardless of the field title/designation.

Our System is
Changing Lives

Every day, our leaders rely on our tools, technologies, and training to power their businesses. Modernization enables them to be the signal in the noise so they can reach everyday people all across North America. To learn more, strike up a conversation with any of the hundreds of leaders who are part of the Virtual Financial movement.

"From a +25 year industry veteran I will speak candidly...Virtual Financial has built a business model that allows new agents to succeed at one level while they grow into the other roles if desired. This is quite a departure from the do-it-all sink or swim approach most often found in the industry."
Greg Ludwick
San Ysidro, CA
"I have over 4 decades of professional sales and sales management experience, including over 25 years in Financial Services and Insurance. All the stuff I hated about insurance, Virtual Financial fixed. Now I do 100% of what I love doing, and 0% what I hated."
Thomas Parkinson
Everett, WA
"I built a team of 1200 agents in another marketing organization, but didn't have the support for the pure online model. The leaders of Virtual Financial with major financial support from their partners have already created what I could only imagine at the other company."
Doug Jones
Bend, OR
"I love working for Virtual Financial, from home, building out my own virtual business, helping others build out theirs. I would, and do recommend Virtual Financial to everyone. More people should know that they have the option of having a great financial service business from home, or from anywhere with an internet connection. The lifestyle can't be beat!"
Ilana Amos
Coronado, CA
"What separates Virtual.Financial apart from any other company is the tier system: the ability for individuals to work as part of a role-structured team. That opens the door to a much larger audience than the traditional industry does. I am a 38 year veteran of this industry and am proud to be a part of the leadership of this incredible company."
Gary Baumbach
Santa Rosa, CA

The views and opinions expressed thereon are those of the individual speakers and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of World Financial Group, Inc. and its affiliated companies.

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